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An Historical Overview on the Discovery of X-rays, by Joyce Calarco

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This unit is divided into two sections. The first portion is more lengthy. It traces a linear historical line from the

1500ís to the 1890ís. Information is contained on scientists and the experiments they conducted in the areas of static and current electricity, vacuums, and magnetism as they relate to the eventual discovery of the x-ray.

The first portion surveys the work of eighteen scientific men. In order to increase student comprehension simple activities dealing with static electricity, current electricity and magnetism are included throughout this portion.

The second section of the unit details the discovery of x-rays in 1895 by Rontgen. This section focuses on Rontgenís life from 1895 until his death.

The unit includes four biographical worksheets and a twenty-five slide presentation was also prepared to accompany the unit.

(Recommended for Grades 9 through 12 General Science and grades 10 through 12 Physics)

Key Words

Discovery X-ray Medical History Imaging X-radiation Physics Technology Tomography

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