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Conventional Radiography, Tomography and Their Biological Effects, by Marcella Flake and Carolyn Kinder

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The purpose of writing this unit in radiography is to introduce students at an early age to conventional radiography, tomography and their biological effects. This curriculum will be geared toward students in grades six through eight with a strong interest and motivation to deal with math, science, and computer concepts.

There will be six specific short term objectives to be developed-to introduce to students a background in radiography (medical imaging); to explain the use of radiography in our system; to help students relate to different aspects of radiography; to compare conventional radiography with tomography; to increase studentsí level of awareness of the changing picture of health; and to introduce health related careers.

The unit will be introduced so that the science and math teachers can use a team teaching approach. Each objective will have vocabulary, lesson plans, activities and enrichment exercises. A list of related careers and required education for that career will be included. There will be a reading list for teachers and students, as well as resource materials.

This unit will bc a challenge to youths. It will be designed to interest youths in health careers, while providing them with information regarding health and radiography.

It is our hope that the unit will be enjoyable to students, as well as informative.

(Recommended for 6th through 8th grade Science and Math)

Key Words

Medical Imaging Tomography X-radiation Radiography Biological Effects Technology

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