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Gazeboís and Other Worlds, by Robert F. Evans

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This unit was designed to use the gazebo as a focal point around which the student can develop drafting technique and vocabulary for expressing ideas in two and three dimensional form. By means of carefully planned steps the student will learn about the history, function, and design aspects of these garden buildings. The inner world of the studentís imagination can be tapped to make learning an adventure worth having. Although this unit is geared toward students of beginning drafting in grades 9-12, it can easily be used at lower grade levels and expanded upon for the more advanced student. Instruction in visual form and hands on experience are helpful since they get the student involved quickly to promote further interest.

It is an objective of this unit to show how the basic drafting objectives and goals can be taught using the gazebo as a focus.

The gazebo has a long history of innovation in design because it was built in miniature and flourished in fantasy. The small garden building seen as a place of retreat or just for fun can be understood, manipulated , and controlled more easily as space because it is small. Therefore the student can have a better chance at success with a gazebo than attempting a design project as large as a house.

It is also an objective for the student to see that the skills learned can be applied to a variety of avocational and vocational interests.

(Recommended for Drafting classes grades 9 through 12)

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