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Interior Structure Design, by Sondra A. White

Guide Entry to 84.01.07:

The unit will be divided into four sections to aid the student into a basic design analysis and decision making program. In the first section of study, the students will gain sufficient basic knowledge of the vocabulary used in structural design. The students will be instructed on how to read a plan, how the structure is built, what is common space, what is private space and how it works. The students will then complete a sequence of three art projects. In the first project the students will make a floor plan of a hallway in school. An elevation drawing, using pen and ink with watercolor, will be the second project to show a side view of the plan drawn in project number one. In the final project, each student will draw a plan of an enclosed entrance porch that they designed. They will then draw the elevation of their structural design to show what the porch will look like. To tie in their understanding of the plan and elevation drawing the student will create an actual three dimensional model out of cardboard. The entire unit should take the student approximately eight weeks to complete. Upon completion of the unit, each student will show their basic understanding of architectural design which will be displayed in their finished porch structure.

(Recommended for Art classes, grades 8 through 12)

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Interior Design Architecture

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