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Elementary Analysis and Design in Architecture, by Nancy Wyskiel

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This unit is intended to teach 6th grade students in New Haven about modern and traditional architecture through specialized analysis of different types of homes. This unit contains floor plans of a house, apartment, and elevation for the students to study and analyze. The students will understand the homes and their performance through studying the floor plans. I have written a continuation and refinement of my previous architectural unit entitled “Space and Body in Architecture.” This unit contains a more comprehensive and detailed explanation of how to read and draw floor plans.

The latter portion of the unit is on how some people design houses, porches, entrances, etc. The designs can be represented in a variety of ways such as drawings, models, collage, verbal description, tracing, magazine pictures, painting, etc. There are many types of decisions the students will have to make while designing architecture. The culminating activity is for the students to prepare a preliminary design of an architectural element of their choice.

(Recommended for Architecture classes, grades 5 through 8)

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