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The “Iliad”—A Practical Approach, by Phyllis A. Taylor

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The “Iliad”—A Practical Approach is a unit designed to make Homer’s “Iliad” accessible to most high school students. The unit contains a brief summary of the legend of Paris and Helen, which a student must know to understand why the Greeks and Trojans are at war, and why the gods are arrayed on one side of another.

The unit examines the epic hero and the role he plays. There is a section which explains some of the differences in the way the Greeks understood their deities and the way in which we view religion. The “Homeric Question” is touched on.

Additionally, the unit contains a book by book summary of the story with recommendations for selecting books in the event that the instructor wishes the students to read a shortened version of the text.

The unit concludes with strategies for making the “Iliad” more enjoyable for all students as well as study questions, lesson plans, and a short bibliography for the instructor.

(Recommended for English classes, grades 9 through 12)

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Homer Literature Ancient Greek Poetry

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