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Pre-Colombian Mythology, by Laura Ferrante-Fernandes

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The unit on Pre-Colombian Mythology describes the culture of the Mesoamerican Indians through art and myths. I have adapted two legends into skits. They are “Time Machine,” a story about Quetzalcoatl, the god of creation, and “Hiutzilopochtli, the Sun God.”

This curriculum can be used in an ESOL class or in a Spanish class. It is quite accessible and it is ready to use. In fact, I have also included a partial vocabulary list.

The unit is also composed of an appendix on some of the more familiar gods and goddesses along with a brief description and a possible Greek counterpart. The second appendix describes the symbolism in Mesoamerican art.

Field trips to the Yale Art Gallery and to the Peabody Museum are strongly recommended to give students exposure to the artifacts of the many different Indian cultures. By so doing, the teacher will also enhance the students’ interest and it will foster an admiration and a respect for these great civilizations. Concurrently, the unit will attempt to inspire and motivate the students to continue on their own, the study of the Mesoamerican People. Thus, by shedding more light on these customs, the unit will promote better understanding of the complexity of the problems that the people of Latin-America are confronted with presently.

(Recommended for ESOL B, C, and D classes, and Spanish I, II, III, and IV classes, grades 7 through 12)

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