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Once Upon A Time, by Diana Doyle

Guide Entry to 84.04.04:

This unit is designed to teach fable, folk tales and one long book, “Alice in Wonderland” to fifth graders. The students will be expected to read and discuss fables and their meanings, and eventually to write fables. They will be exposed to many folk tales, from “Rumplestiltskin” to “Beauty and the Beast.” The students will have a chance to dramatize the tales as well as to watch the Storytime Theater Productions of some of them. They will be expected to look at the characters and their motivations to fully understand the tales. They will also compare familiar folk tales to less familiar versions from around the world. When reading “Alice in Wonderland” the students should be able to understand the factors differ in the story. They should be able to determine the folk tale elements of the long novel and to appreciate the differences.

(Recommended for English classes, grades 5 and 6)

Key Words

Fables Folklore Oral Tradition Literature Fairy Tales

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