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Talkiní Loud, by Gail Staggers

Guide Entry to 84.04.05:

This unit develops methods for analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application to the folk stories collected for this unit. Students and teachers need to be made aware of the value of the oral tradition and the purpose it has served for Black people historically, and currently.

The unit can be used for English courses that deal with Black folktales, Black culture, and Black lifestyle. The collection of folktales was also an important aspect of this unit.

There are several ideas in this unit which the teacher can use to get the students intered in folk stories and their own input into the folk system. The methods and applications for student input into the folk system are outlined in the unit. This simply means that once the stories are collected there is a method developed for their application in the classroom.

(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grades 9 through 12; and English classes, grades 9 and 10)

Key Words

Oral Tradition Literature Afro-American

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