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Television and Teens, by Sheila H. Troppe

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Television has the potential to teach, to challenge, and to entertain without being either abused or abusive. It is the intention of this unit to examine two critical aspects of television and then to offer suggestions for countering their negative effects. The unit examines some of the viewing habits of Americans, and then suggests ways to help our students cut back on their viewing time. In conclusion, the unit looks at some ways in which we can utilize TV to our advantage.

The unit has been divided into four separate lessons: (1) Violence on TV, (2) Stereotyping on TV, (3) Cutting Back, and (4) Utilizing TV. The first two lessons contain background material which should be helpful to the teacher. There are lists of suggestions and activities for the teacher to choose from, utilizing as many or as few as necessary to obtain the objectives. The third lesson has a specific time frame. It is meant to be presented for a minimum of four weeks and can be utilized throughout the semester. The fourth lesson can be used whenever the teacher feels is appropriate and applicable to the subject area.

(Recommended for 6th to 8th grade Social Studies, English and Computer Science classes)

Key Words

American Adolescence Television Stereotyping Violence

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