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The Geologic History Of The Earth And Connecticut: Effects It Had On Our State, by Michael Conte, Jr.

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The unit is designed to give the students a basic understanding of the Earth’s geologic history while using this information to discuss the geologic history of Connecticut. The unit will discuss the industrial growth of Farmington (Unionville) and provide the teacher with other areas to pursue.

When the unit is completed, the children will have a background in the geologic forces and history of the Earth and Connecticut spanning its formation, making of the continent and finally the shaping of Connecticut. Also, in illustrating one particular city, the children can gain a sense of a city in Connecticut far removed from New Haven and learn about its geologic, industrial, and commercial history.

This unit is intended primarily for grade six students in Social Studies, but can be interspersed with other disciplines such as Science, Math, Art, etc.. The unit used, as is, will last approximately six weeks, and can be taught in lieu of the stated curriculum or as a supplement to it.

(Recommended for Connecticut History classes, grade 6, and Earth Science classes, grades 6 through 8)

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