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Poems of Every Time Rock You, by Anthony F. Franco

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Oftentimes poetry becomes short-changed in the classroom due to a lack of time or materials or a reluctance by the teacher to introduce it. This unit represents an alternative strategy for teaching poetry by employing rock music lyrics as an introduction to poetry appreciation. Music lyrics are paired thematically with poems from different eras. Both the lyrics and poems are introduced and discussed following a simple, yet specific, pattern. The unit does not attempt to force-feed poetry and figurative language to the student but rather explains poetic devices only as they occur. The strategy culminates with students making their own attempts at writing poetry based upon the themes previously discussed in class. An accompanying resource packet of music lyrics and poems is available at the Teachers Institute along with a cassette of all the recordings listed. This packet represents only a basic suggestion of lyrics and poems to be discussed and should bealtered and added to as lyrics and poems are introduced to classes. “Poems Of Every Time Rock You” is an exciting and purposeful way of introducing poetry to students and allows both students and the teacher to have some fun during the experience.

(Recommended for English classes, grades 7 through 12)

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