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The Voices Within: Theirs and Mine, by Camilla Greene

Guide Entry to 85.01.03:

This curriculum unit has been developed as a three or four week poetry unit for high school sophomore or junior students who are of average or above average ability levels. It is assumed that these students have some background knowledge in the elements of poetry although a review of poetry terms would be helpful. The background information contained in this unit is to provide the teacher with additional responses to the age-old student query—why study poetry? The sample lessons are designed to enhance the students’ abilities to appreciate fine poetry and stimulate them to write their own poetry. If some students have written poems, this unit offers them suggestions to help them improve their poetry writing skills. The students are also challenged to undertake writing sestinas, a six-line, seven stanza, controlled form poem.

(Recommended for English classes, grades 10 and 11)

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Poetry Writing Instruction

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