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Famous Hispanics, by Francisco Cintron

Guide Entry to 85.04.03:

The content of this unit deals with famous Hispanics in Latin American literature. Emphasis is upon the Caribbean writers. The unit studies the life, work, and success of at least two writers from selected Caribbean countries. These countries are Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo). There is a series of objectives followed by background information about the authors chosen to represent the Caribbean countries. A lesson plan has been developed to assist teachers in their classroom instructions. Both a student and a teacher bibliography are included as well as a classroom materials list. This unit will enhance the knowledge of both teachers and students about Latin American literature. Emphasis has been placed on creativity, research methods, classroom instruction, classroom management, and student motivation.

This unit has been designed for middle and high school students, low or high achievers. It is highly recommended to be used in the Social Studies Department as well as the Foreign Language Department as an addendum to the existing curriculum. The reading level in this unit has been written at 6th- or 7th-grade academic level.

(Recommended for Social Studies and Foreign Language classes, middle and high school levels)

Key Words

Foreign Language Instruction Spanish Literature Latin America Social History Caribbean Authors American Literature Hispanic

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