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The Village and the Stars, by Bill Coden

Guide Entry to 86.01.01:

The overall unit is a study of the family in literature. “The Village and the Stars” centers on a study of “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder. This play encompasses themes and questions which will resurface in all our readings and discussion: What is the importance of a family in society? How does a family shape its individual members?

Points of interest for students include parent/child relations, love, death, responsibility, and the future.

Wilder’s dissatisfaction with the theatre and “Our Town” as a reaction to this dissatisfaction is discussed.

Other plays, novels, short stories, and poems which are part of the unit are summarized and related to the family theme.

(Recommended for English classes, grade 8)

Key Words

American Adolescence Literature Drama Wilder Thornton Our Town Family Life

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