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Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story: Time Stands Still In Literature, by Cheryl E. Merritt

Guide Entry to 86.01.06:

This unit will introduce a classic piece of literature to sixth through eighth grade students. It is especially designed for slow learners, but not limited to slow learners. Teachers will be able to introduce students to the joys of reading the well-known classic, “Romeo and Juliet.” It includes discussion questions, questionnaires of facts, vocabulary study, sample lesson plans, and lists of books, films, and recordings for both teachers and students.

Students of this age group and of minority background can understand and appreciate such a classic. They will learn that what is a minor crisis to one family may be major for another. Their own problems may become more understandable to them. Writing styles can also be compared as well as various family situations. Students will compare “Romeo and Juliet” with “West Side Story.” Both of these pieces are centered around conflicts of young people.

(Recommended for Reading classes, grades 6-8; and English classes, grades 6-8)

Key Words

Drama Literature Musical Theater Literary Sources Shakespeare William Family

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