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The Evolvement of Latin American Cultural Consciousness...From Its Roots in the Old World to Its Impact on the Americas, by Frank J. Gallucci

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This paper tries to describe, in a limited way, the character of Latin America today by looking at its roots in Spanish culture, to discuss the influence that came to bear upon it as the Spanish moved to the New World, and to explore its evolution to the present.

What type of man came to the New World? The man who came was called a conquistadore. He didnít come to colonize, as did the settlers in North America, but to conquer and to search for gold.

This unit will also discuss the geography of Latin America and how it affected the natives and conquerors alike. It will discuss major cities today, their people, and their problems in general.

Finally, this unit will attempt to show some of the reasons why Latin America came to be what it is today, and the general direction it seems to be taking.

(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grades 7-12; and Geography classes, grades 7-8)

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Hispanic Latin American History America Culture Colonial

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