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A New World and the Emergence of a New Race, by Francisco Cintron

Guide Entry to 86.02.04:

This curriculum unit, “A New World and the Emergence of a New Race,” contains four main topics. These topics are: “A New World,” “Creole as a New Race,” “Criollismo,” and “Cultural Pluralism.” Each of these topics has been researched and for the purpose of this unit background information has been included, followed by Lesson Plans and Activities to assist teachers.

An Appendix, Student and Teacher Bibliographies, and Classroom Reference Materials have also been included for further assistance.

As the author of this unit I am very proud of the way the material is being presented. All teachers should become well informed on these topics since each deals with the ethnic concept and its development.

(Recommended for Social Studies and History classes, grades 7-12; Foreign Language and Hispanic Bilingual classes, grades 7-12)

Key Words

General Spanish English Bilingualism Hispanic Latin American History

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