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Joining Hands in Writing and Speaking, by Carolyn C. Smith

Guide Entry to 86.04.13:

Writing is a valuable tool which can be learned but not taught. This unit supports that idea by providing means to develop skills and habits to enhance writing so that it no longer is a dreaded chore, but a meaningful task which produces quality writing as the end result.

This unit emphasizes the Language Arts performance objective of grade six which states that the students will be able to write one of each of the four basic paragraph types—narrative, expository, descriptive, and persuasive.

Throughout the unit I show how writing is a valuable tool for thinking, when and if it is used effectively. This valuable tool is developed with the use of motivation and guidance. The techniques needed to develop good writing habits are listed for each paragraph type. This unit also provides sample lessons and activities to be used as a supplement to the regular curriculum.

Although this unit is designed to meet the needs of grades 5-8, it can easily be adapted for the students of grades 5-12.

(Recommended for Language Arts/English classes, grades 5-8)

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