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Oil and Gas as a Source of Energy, by Grayce P. Storey

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Oil and gas are our primary source of energy and have been around for quite some time. Through research, “Oil and Gas as a Source of Energy” is developed into a unit that may be used in science classes in grades seven through nine. The length of the unit should be two weeks. The unit will address itself toward the explanation of how oil and gas were formed, prospecting for oil, oil and gas supply and demand, oil consumption, oil production primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery, refining of oil, transportation of oil and gas, oil pollution, how long oil will last, and where gas is found. Included also are careers, lesson plans, experiments, a reading list for students and teachers, a vocabulary list and a bibliography.

(Recommended for Science classes, grades 7-9)

Key Words

Oil Gas Fossil Fuels Energy Geology Natural Resources

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