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Puerto Rico: Its Land, History, Culture, and Literature, by Frank Gallucci

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The purpose of this unit is to illustrate the interdiscipline of geography and culture, of history and literature. The geography of the land initiates the evolution of a culture. As different cultures are intertwined with the original, the cultures become more complex. As an island which combines Indian, Black, and White cultures, Puerto Rico provides an interesting case in point.

This unit begins with an introduction to Puerto Rican geography, history, and cultures, then focuses on its literature. The Puerto Rican has been affected by its geography (the physical make-up of the land and its strategic military location); its Indian roots; its Spanish influence; the influx of Black slaves; the introduction of North American ideas; and finally the mixing of these cultures through intermarriage. This unit will attempt to show through its geography and history and the North American intervention how its culture has evolved and been modified, and finally how its literature reflects its culture.

(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grades 7-9; Literature classes, grades 7-12; and Geography classes, grades 7-8)

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Geography Puerto Rico History Hispanic Puerto Rican Literature General Culture

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