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Mexico: Introduction to History and Literature, by Laura De Orue

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This curriculum unit is designed to give the student a general knowledge of Mexico’s geography, literature, art, music and cuisine. The teacher may incorporate current events occurring in Mexico today by asking students to bring newspaper clippings from “New York Times,” “Wall Street Journal” or local newspapers.

The unit is designed to be used with students who have successfully completed two years of intensive study of Spanish grammar and vocabulary. It is designed for students with above average language skills. It can be incorporated with various textbooks that introduce any aspect of Mexican culture. It is designed to be taught in Spanish with English used only when needed to help the student understand certain aspects or ideas that he/she would not otherwise understand.

The model plans herein cover a three week (fifteen day) time period. It is designed to evaluate the student’s knowledge of the geography, vocabulary used in the examples of Mexican literature, and themes used in Mexican literature and art after the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

(Recommended for Spanish II classes, grade 10; Spanish III classes, grade 11; Spanish IV classes, grade 12; and Bilingual classes)

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