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“The Red Badge of Courage”: War Beyond Romance, by Gregory M. Huff

Guide Entry to 87.02.08:

The purpose of this unit is to study war, examining some of its causes, moods, and possible meanings to individuals. The unit will not be systematic nor all-encompassing, but will hopefully be of some use to teachers and students who wish to investigate the nature of war, and man in war. This investigation will be two part in structure. The first part of the unit will do some investigation into recent research concerning the motivations behind warfare. Critical discussions will be encouraged throughout this examination. The second part of the unit will be a reading of Stephen Crane’s “The Red Badge of Courage” and a critical examination of its main ideas and characters, specifically as they relate to our discussion of war.

(Recommended for English and History classes, grades 8-12)

Key Words

Crane, Stephen The Red Badge Of Courage American Literature Novel Wars

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