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A Guide To The Teaching of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, by Dwight Inge

Guide Entry to 87.02.09:

This curriculum unit on the study of William Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It” involves a demonstration on how to relate the work to the lives of inner-city youth, although the unit will not be limited to this use exclusively. With proper consideration of grade level and the various ability levels within each, the unit can be used in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Minor alterations and adjustments can be made effectively.

This unit will concentrate on the acquisition of analytical skills through literature, composition, and language study. Students will be encouraged to think about what they have read, to be aware of the implications of what is being studied, and to relate a wide range of feelings and ideas concerning the human condition to their own environment.

(Recommended for English classes, grades 10-12)

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