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The Roots of the Afro-American Culture—The Artistic Approach, by Carolyn C. Smith

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The long history of Africa has, for the most part, been forgotten by the rest of the world. However, we must be reminded that this vast continent is the home of great civilizations and cultures. The many tribes and kingdoms still remain important in the history of those kingdoms and their influences on today’s cultures.

Blacks, in the United States and Other countries in the Americas, are called Afro-Americans. Their roots are found in Africa. The focal point of this unit will show how white Europeans forced or tried to force their values on Blacks. Due to the fact that Blacks were taken from their native land at an early age, the African continent grew weaker and eventually a large part of the continent fell under foreign control. In addition to this, Blacks lost contact with their immediate family causing an astronomical and sad gap in their families.

(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grade 6)

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