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The United States Constitution and Selected Amendments, by Barbara W. Coles Trader

Guide Entry to 87.03.08:

The unit will provide the origin and history of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and the additional selected Amendments. The students will be involved in the process of thinking, writing, and rethinking. The students will be taught to write for many purposes.

The author of this unit will design some teacher-made audio-visual materials. A wealth of paperback books in literary history for the middle school grade students will be available. There will be some famous people of the New England region during the past addressed in this unit; they were very instrumental when striving for equal rights of self and others in our American society.

The lesson plans include various objectives and skills. The students will be given opportunities to express their ideas (concrete experiences and content-knowledge). In order for the students to continue an understanding and appreciate the great American culture, they will help to solve problems that have and are influencing our country’s history during the past, present and future.

(Recommended for Reading/Language Arts classes, grades 6-8)

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United States Constitution History American Literature Historical Content Special Education U.S. Writing Instruction

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