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Genetics and Heredity, by Linda Macnaughton

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This unit is designed to provide the seventh grade life science student with a basic knowledge of genetics. The unit commences with a study of the cell, including cell duplication in somatic and germ cells. The role of DNA as well as the early history of genetics with the finding of Mendel are developed in the unit. Also included are materials on the sex chromosome and sex-linked traits. The topic of gene mutation concludes this unit.

The unit is organized to include objectives for each subtopic, background information for teachers and students, and lesson plans/student activities, emphasizing the development of a scientific vocabulary. A glossary of related terms as well as bibliographies for both teachers and students are included.

(Recommended for Life Science classes, grade 7)

Key Words

Biology Cells Mitosis and Meiosis Mutations DNA Heredity Genetics

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