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A Stitch in Time, by Pamela M. Fowler

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“A Stitch in Time” is a unit based on the process of weaving. The unit begins with lessons introducing the various instruments used by people to weave thread into cloth. From there the student is introduced to various weave patterns found in clothing and at the same time taught how the patterns are developed on the looms. Afterwards the student has the opportunity to experience the art of weaving first hand. They have the chance to make a simple hand loom from household materials and learn the directions for preparing the loom for weaving. The student progresses from a very simple loom and simple projects to more difficult and complicated projects worked on a weaving square made from materials found in the industrial arts room. As a final project the students are to completely design and make a wall hanging from the previous lessons learned.

This unit informs and educates the students on a subject which most teenagers take for granted. My intent is to make them aware of the process of weaving and how cloth is developed. In today’s society teenagers have many items at their disposal and they are not aware of how those items are made. My desire is to “break the ice” with the students and begin to open their minds to the process of making and creating various materials.

(Recommended for History and Art classes, grades 1-12)

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Art Cloth Weaving Art History Cloth Looms

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