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Immigration Into an Urban Industrialized Northeast: 1879-1914, by Clarence Roberts, Jr.

Guide Entry to 88.02.03:

This unit studies three ethnic groups that immigrated and migrated to the urban and industrializing cities of the northeast: Italians, Slavs, and Blacks. In this unit we will look at the conditions that enticed these groups to emigrate. We will look at the conditions that lured them to the United States and/or the northeastern cities of those United States. We will focus most of our study on the way these groups impacted on the cities and populations that they settled upon. At the same time it will examine how those cities and populations received these newcomers. The choice of my focus is purely subjective and may be decided by the teacher and/or students.
In the end, we hope to gain a greater appreciation of ethnic groups in America by understanding the various hardships and struggles each went through to advance our society as a whole as well as to achieve the things that they accomplished as a group.
(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grade 8)

Key Words

Northeast Urban Afro-American Ethnicity Urbanization Immigration American History Revolution Industry

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