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An Insight Into the Hormones of Life, by Sophronia L. Gallop

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“An Insight Into the Hormones of Life” utilizes the brain and its complicated function. My proposal encompasses increased vocabulary skills, creative writing skills and word usage skills by invoking mediums which are fun and exciting, as well as intellectually challenging to both the student and the teacher. The area of child development is important and is often neglected in home economics. In the unit we have found out the function of a hormone, what it is and its function. Lastly, an important part of the child development area is obtaining information that can be assimilated to the students on their level. The functional level of the students that I have assumed throughout the unit has been that of a low reading level. Negative and positive attitudes are vital to the enhancement of this unit.
(Recommended for Home Economics classes, grades 6 and 8)

Key Words

Biology General Hormones Sexuality

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