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The Effect of Hormones on Female Sexuality and Menopause, by Grayce P. Storey

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Human beings are born with glands in their bodies. These glands are called endocrine glands and they secrete hormones that control the rate of biochemical processes in the body. This unit will address itself to the stimulating hormones which cause other organs to produce their own characteristic hormone. Such will be the endocrine system and the hormones secreted as related to: 1) puberty or adolescence; 2) menstruation; 3) reproduction; 4) physiological and psychological changes; 5) menopause; 6) Osteoporosis; and 7) physicians from puberty to menopause (pediatricians, obstetrician, gynecologist, urologist, and gerontologist.) Included are also lesson plans, a pre and post test, experiment, a reading list for teachers, vocabulary list and a bibliography.
The objective of this unit is to acquaint the students with the location and the function of the endocrine glands and the hormones they produce from puberty to the change of life, menopause. They will also be provided with information to assist in making wise decisions in life and insight on their physiological change.
This unit may be taught in grades 7-12 and especially in Life Science and Biology classes. Parts may also be used in grades 5 and 6. This unit will also correlate with units on Human Sexuality.
(Recommended for Science classes, grades 7 and 8; and Health classes, grades 7 and 8)

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Biology Hormones Feminine Sexuality Menopause

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