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Aerodynamics: The Mathematical Implications, by Hermine Smikle

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This unit is an attempt to develop a unit in mathematics that will provide topics for students interested in the aviation trades. It is the hope that some substantial topics and content can be discussed at the same time students will be given a chance to review mathematic concepts that were taught in a general math class. These concepts will be introduced with aerodynamics and aviation language introduced. Hopefully students will begin to understand the applicability of some of the mathematics concepts they have learned. The unit can be used to cover all areas of mathematics from areas in geometry sectors to basic addition of fraction and decimal numbers.

Using a combination of the literature, pictures, and diagrams of aircrafts, this unit can begin to make mathematics more meaningful to students who in the past have found the topic difficult.

(Recommended for Mathematics Application classes, grades 10-12)

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Science Aviation Career Training Aerodynamics

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