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Highways In the Sky: Flight Control, by Carolyn C. Smith

Guide Entry to 88.06.08:

Air transportation, a key factor which affects the social economic progress of our society, is posing a major challenge to our future. This unit deals with the rules and regulations which have been established to provide safety for users of airspace. It also introduces the many careers, hobbies, and challenges of aviation. The teaching strategies encourage students to be creative which could have a lasting positive affect as they explore the job market for a career as an adult.

The strong correlation of this science unit with other disciplines of the curriculum enables the unit to be taught in parts rather than a specified sequence. This teaching strategy for mastering a concept can be beneficial especially when you are working with the slow learner whose attention span is limited or the advanced student who is quite knowledgeable of most topics and don’t need the finer details of a lesson. Regardless of the subject area one teaches, there is something in “Highways in the Sky.”

(Recommended for Science classes, grades 5 and 6)

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