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Airplane Mathematics, by Joyce Bryant

Guide Entry to 88.06.11:

The main goal and objective of this unit is to acquaint the middle school student with the history of aerodynamics and help to develop some fundamental mathematical skills relating to the field of aviation. Also, to study the history of flight, which will include the first transatlantic flight, the Wright Brothers, and supersonic flight (old and new). The math criteria will entail the computation, concepts and problem solving of velocity; acceleration, speed, distance traveled and time. The middle school student is an entity within himself without goals and objectives as to which route he or she is to travel. Not only will this unit apply to practical day-to-day situations but it will also aid the student in achieving the challenges that the world of aerodynamics has to offer in this ever changing highly-technological society.

(Recommended for Mathematics classes, grades 7 and 8)

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Science Aerodynamics

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