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Urban New Haven in the Making (1920-1980), by Cynthia H. Roberts

Guide Entry to 89.01.11:

This unit will afford students the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the historical background, physical structure, organizations, businesses, and individual contributions for the redevelopment of the Dixwell community. Students will learn a range of skills: 1) critical and analytical thinking, 2) reading comprehension, 3) vocabulary building, 4) writing skills, and 5) research skills and map skills. The majority of activities incorporated in this unit will concentrate on reading.

This unit will cover a six-week period and will be divided into four separate sections. It will provide students in grades 9- 12 an opportunity to read and discuss issues that are relevant to the community.

(Recommended for Afro-American History and Sociology classes, grades 9-12)

Key Words

Afro-Americans Migration New Haven History Black Urban Life American Communities

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