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Newhallville: A Neighborhood of Changing Prosperity, by Carolyn C. Smith

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This unit explores the history of New Haven with emphasis placed on its effect on the Newhallville neighborhood. It uses the carriage industry and the firearms industry as a focal point to discuss the prosperity of the city and neighborhood. The unit answers the following questions: 1. What is the difference between a neighborhood and a community? 2. How many neighborhoods are there in New Haven? 3. What are the major industries whose offices or plants are found in Newhallville? 4. What effect did the early industries have on the Newhallville neighborhood today, and, 5. How has the neighborhood changed through the years? The unit is not designed to be taught in sequence but in parts to fit individual needs.

(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grade 6)

Key Words

Afro-Americans Newhallville Ethnicity Community Connecticut New Haven American History Industry Effects Communities

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