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Reading, Writing, and Reciting: A Year With Poetry, by Jeanne Sandahl

Guide Entry to 89.02.07:

This course is an attempt to give poetry a prominent place in the classroom for a full school year. It emphasizes poetry as a component in every possible aspect of classroom life. Reading poetry aloud and using it not only as ceremonial but as an aid to the improvement in oral reading skills is one aspect. Writing poetry is done weekly, shared, and published. Many forms are attempted during the course of the year. Finally, monthly memorizations are recommended, with “recital” occasions provided by other classes and parents. Poetry is also used as an enrichment for other subjects: social studies, math, and art.

A calendar is provided for the poetry writing sessions weekly throughout the school year. A bibliography of books on teaching poetry to children is included, as well as anthologies useful for teachers and some which are useful for students. This unit would be suitable for 4th, 5th, or 6th grades. Copies of poems in the memorization part of the unit will be on file in the Institute office for the convenience of teachers wishing to try the unit.

(Recommended for classes, grades 4-6)

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Poetry American Literature Reading Writing Instruction

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