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Sherlock Holmes: Teaching English Through Detective Fiction, by Pamela J. Greene

Guide Entry to 89.04.04:

Students will read selected short stories of Arthur Conan Doyle featuring Sherlock Holmes. From these stories they will study vocabulary, reading comprehension, drawing conclusions, remembering details and inferential thinking skills. They will write creatively during two projects in which they will be required to create a fictional detective with character traits and a crime to solve. We will view PBS Mystery Series films of some of the Sherlock Holmes stories in order to add a third dimension to the unit. During this part of the unit active viewing techniques will be taught. This unit will be used for very low level readers in a ninth grade English class, although it can easily be adapted to any type and level of class.

(Recommended for English classes, Grades 7-12)

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Holmes Sherlock Literature British General Detective Fiction Basic Skills Writing Instruction

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