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Stepping into a Colonial Family: A Primary Studentís Perspective of Colonial Crafts, Customs and Traditions, by Francis J. Degnan

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The Colonial Period is part of the New Haven Schoolís curriculum. It is a period in our history that is wonderfully alive in our area. The narrative of this unit focuses on three aspects of the colonial experience: colonial education, the colonial homestead, colonial craftsmen and their crafts. The information is presented to refresh, add to and hopefully serve as incentive for further investigation. In addition this unit is designed to offer the teacher a series of classroom activities that reflect the colonial life style. These activities include: experiencing a typical colonial school day, working at colonial crafts and prioritizing the most important of personal belongings to fit into a chestóthe chest symbolizing the original container for all the worldly belongings of the early settlers. There are also suggestions for trips to local points of interest that allow for further study of the period.

(Recommended for Colonial/New Haven History classes, grades 2-5)

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Crafts Colonial Life Education American History New Haven Connecticut Urban

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