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Remember, by Bill P. Coden

Guide Entry to 90.01.02:

“Remember,” a unit on autobiography and poetry, will be used in conjunction with two previously written units (82.02.02 and 88.03.04). It represents an effort to broaden the scope and expand the reading selections of the earlier units, consciously integrating cultural diversity into the curriculum in an attempt to correct and prevent biases and stereotypical views.

A brief overview of the previous units, highlighting structure and strategies, is followed by a generalized section on Hispanic-American literature. This information may serve as background material for teachers and students. The generalized leads to the specific: Chicano or Mexican-American literature centering thematically on the search for self and for identity, and the act of remembering, crucial to autobiography, are discussed. Works by Lorna Dee Cervantes, a Chicana poet, are detailed in lesson plans. Cervantes’ integration of herself as Chicana, woman and poet is discussed.

A folder containing poems which might be used in teaching the unit is on file in the Institute office.

(Recommended for English and Language Arts, grades 7-8)

Key Words

Chicano Ethnicity Hispanic Poetry Literature General

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