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Improvisional Drama-Without Words, by Sylvia C. Petriccione

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The unit I have developed is centered on helping children to create their own pantomime. I will be using this unit with my dance and drama classes. Each class runs thirty-five to forty-five minutes long, once a week. This drama unit will span an eight week or longer period. It may be used with students in most grade levels. I see it being taught in grades one through six, with minor modifications. I plan to use it with my third, fourth and fifth grade students.

Although it is a drama unit, I feel it can compliment other subject areas. A few examples of this can be found within my unit. The skills that are taught throughout the unit will notably apply to any learning environment. Included in my unit are a series of drama games and activities that will lead my students to an improvisational mime. These activities have all been clearly developed and stated in a sequential manner. The reader will not need any previous experience in drama to teach this unit.

In summarizing, my unit states a brief history of mime, and objectives and strategies in aiding the dramatic process. I feel it is a significant and fun way to approach learning. It is a learning process that will benefit many students.

(Recommended for Drama, Language Arts, Literature, and Reading, grades 2-6)

Key Words

Basic Improvisation Performance Drama Teaching Pantomime Staging

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