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The Wilderness Concept-Our National Parks, History, and Issues, by Nancy P. Cowdin

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This unit consists of three parts. The overall objective is to give the students a foundation and an introduction to the ideas of wilderness, of conservation, and or preservation in the United States. In the first part, I look at the notion of “wilderness,” how it was conceived and eventually perceived by the settlers in the New World. It also explores Judeo-Christian influences on the idea of wilderness, Greek and Roman mythology and European influences.

Part two looks at the history of conservation and preservation in the United States and those individuals who were influential in its development. This section will give a foundation which will enable the students to approach many different issues which generate from these concepts: historical events, political climates which influenced policy formation, ethics, among others.

The last section is a look at two urban park areas which are accessible to our students. Here, an examination of issues and problems which urban park areas must face is given. From this section, many ecological as well as management questions can be raised.

(Recommended for History and Environmental Studies, grades 8-12)

Key Words

Ecology Environmental Science Land Water Hazardous Waste Pollution American History Movement Literature Parks U.S. National

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