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Presidents in the Parks, by Joyce A. Patton

Guide Entry to 90.03.07:

My unit contains descriptions of national parks, memorials, monuments, and sites dedicated to those Presidents who made significant contributions to this great country. I describe the Presidentsí accomplishments while they held office, and give the reader a view of why such honors were bestowed upon these men.

The national parks that are the main ingredients of my unit are Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Mount McKinley National Park. Mount Rushmore Memorial is also highlighted in this unit. Other historical memorials, monuments, and sites explored in this unit are John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Memorial, Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial, Thomas Jefferson

Memorial, Washington Monument, Fort Jefferson National Monument, Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, Adams National Historic Site, John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, Harry S Truman National Historic Site, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Wilsonís Creek National Battlefield, Martin Van Buren National Historic Site, Eisenhower National Historic Site, Andrew Jackson National Historic Park, and George Washington Birthplace National Monument are all historic areas of presidential recognition.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grades 2-4)

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