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Regionalism as Seen through the National Parks, by Carolyn F. Stephenson

Guide Entry to 90.03.10:

This unit was written to introduce the 5th grade student to the National Park System while studying the regions of the United States. Many students have little knowledge of the types and purpose of these wonderful parks. Therefore, while the regions of the United States are studied, specific park units will be discussed and related to the history, geography, or culture of that region.

Using the National Park System as a tool to educate children in the diversity of our country’s regions is one of interest and importance. The park can present a real sense of preservation and history when visited more than can words on the printed page. The student takes an active role in his education and becomes a preserver of his environment by seeing history and using it to support basic knowledge in the areas of geography, history, culture, recreation, and natural resources.

This unit explores two regions in depth and will follow the same procedure as we explore each of the other four regions in our text. The unit will include reading, writing, and communication skills in addition to vocabulary development. This is meant to be a fun unit, as well as educational.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grade 5)

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