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The Paths of Literature - The Family Today, by Rose M. Christophoro-Mitchell

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This curriculum unit is designed for Remedial Reading students in grades seven and eight. It is based on the premise that if students develop a positive self-concept and make a connection between what they read and real life problems, it will encourage them to read independently. It will also provide the students with a balanced curriculum of skills and an appreciation of literature. By using a Directed-Reading-Thinking Activity Method, it is anticipated that students will be encouraged to read independently to further their understanding and to realize the wealth of literary materials available on any given personal problem. For the purposes of this unit, the family as a theme in literature has been selected. It is designed for teachers who feel concerned about the self-concept as a legitimate part of the educating process, and the importance of literature as part of the Remedial Reading curriculum. The concepts of developing ego strengths can be adapted to any grade level. The strategies, classroom activities, and resources referred to may be used by teachers as aids towards enhancing ego-strengths and encouraging independent reading by students. For the purposes of this unit I have selected “Teacup Full of Roses,” by Sharon Bell Mathis. The format utilized in attaining the objectives of this unit can be adapted to other materials you might choose.

Included in this unit is an annotated list of fictional materials that may be selected.

(Recommended for Reading, Literature, and English, grades 7 and 8)

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Family Life Literature American Adolescence Science Fiction

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