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The Art and Culture of the Afro-American, by Cynthia H. Roberts

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The purpose of this unit is to enable students to learn about the art and culture of the Afro-American.

By studying the art and culture of the Afro-American, students will build a stronger identity of themselves that can reduce poor self-esteem, cynicism and apathy so common among many adolescents. Also this unit will afford students the opportunity to become more aware of their cultural heritage, to help students feel a sense of pride, promote learning, social growth and help build their self-esteem. By looking and studying artwork, students will learn to examine closely how they and others perceive the world. Students will learn to see and appreciate more of the visual forms of art. Students will develop a variety of skills including: analyzing, interpreting, and an appreciation for art. This curriculum unit is designed for grades 9-12 Special Education students. It is intended to take 9-10 weeks. Students will learn a range of skills: 1) critical and analytic thinking; 2) reading comprehension; 3) vocabulary building, writing, research, and map skills.

This unit is meant to supplement an earlier unit I wrote in 1989, entitled “Urban New Haven, the Making (1920s-1980s).”

(Recommended for Afro-American History and Sociology, grades 9-12)

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