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Babies Deserve a Good Start! Alcoholism: A Three-fold Disease, by Susan D. Block

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This unit thoroughly discusses the disease of alcoholism. It outlines the three causes of the disease: environment, psychosocial, and predisposition. Genetic implications are shown through the research done by doctors in the field, such as Goodwin and Schuckit. Adopted out and twin studies are the ones regarded as the most accurate when it comes to genetic implications. Also included are the latest research findings on specific genes that may cause alcoholism.

Included in this unit are the consequences caused by excessive drinking and the devastation of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). Alternatives to drinking are suggested, with an emphasis on choices and wellness. Lesson plans utilize much of the information throughout the unit with a hands-on approach. This unit may be as simple or complex as the instructor sees fit. By adding or deleting information, “Alcoholism: A Three-Fold Disease,” can be suitable for seventh through twelfth grade.

(Recommended for Health and Science, grades 7-12)

Key Words

Birth Defects Biology Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Family Life Substance Abuse

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