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Up, Up and Away, by Francis J. Degnan

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The unit “Up, Up and Away” provides an introduction for the elementary school student to what makes airplanes fly. A discussion of flight is preceded by lessons on gravity, pressure and gases. Reproducible student activity sheets, as well as teacher outlines for each of these areas, are included. The activity sheets illustrate at least four demonstrations that require the simplest of materials to duplicate. Many of the activities can be done by the students individually or in groups. There are also paper flying vehicles to be constructed and charts for the recording of flight data. This unit allows the teacher, with a minimum of preparation, to have a rich resource of immediate activities for the class to do. At the same time the students are asked to predict, observe, and record the results of the experiments. It is an exciting and challenging way to introduce science in the elementary classroom.

(Recommended for Elementary Science, grades 3-5)

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Parks History U.S. National Science Aerodynamics

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