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Buildings of America, by Delci Lev

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The format of the Social Studies text used by the City of New Haven Public Schools presents material from two different perspectives, historical and regional. The former begins with the Native Americans and traces them from the 17th century to the present, while the latter views America by regions in the 20th century, examining the effect of environment, natural resources and business on the individuals and regions being studied. This text will provide the core of the curriculum, with supplementary material in this unit adding a history of American architecture. Students will study buildings from different regions and different historical periods. They will learn how climate, natural resources and culture have affected the design of these buildings. The students will be able, using correct terminology, to describe, evaluate, and draw conclusions about the architecture of the time and place being studied. Supplementary material provided on architecture will begin with the colonial period and end with the Victorian period.

(Recommended for Social Studies and History, grades 4-8)

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Colonial American Architecture Victorian

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