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Mathematics Through Nutrition, by Joyce Bryant

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It is a giant step from the grocery store to the use of food in the body. The food must be broken down, carried around built up and consumed. In this unit that I will develop, I will go the grocery store and help select the foods that will do the best job for the individual. Then, I will follow them through the body as they are digested, distributed, and consumed. We supply our bodies with all the required elements through the food we eat. No one food contains all of the elements. A variety in the diet is more than the “spice-of-life,” it is the very spark of life.

Included will be charts that tell why one eats as well as what one should eat. Each class of food has a definite function. Over fifty nutrients are needed for good health and they have been divided into six categories. A diet which meets all of the body’s needs contains nutrients from all six groups. The math will be developed through math computation, concepts, and problem solving.

(Recommended for Mathematics and Algebra, grade 8)

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